Executive’s Statement

Being your supply chain member, you are promised to acquire more competitive advantage by continuously enhancing our efficiency and effectiveness with a significant conscious of benchmarking entire market orientation versed in our five objectives including Speed, Quality, Cost, Dependability and Flexibility. Nevertheless, knowledge sharing remains a crucial scenario with customer’s explicit knowledge which is needed to decode from a fragmental tacit knowledge out of each individual brain since it is no longer possible to manage the business if it were in a vacuum without an interactive exchange of other organization. We also believe the key success factor attributes to a well-established fundamental embrace of Trust, Commitment, Communication, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution between potential customers.

In the New Economy, today is not just about hard-work, it is also about a spirit of adventure. Change is challenging, the work is demanding, the stakes are high, the pressure is intense, the hours are long. But the opportunity to be part of a moment of epochal discovery and history-making invention is also exhilarating. The milestone that we must be ambidextrous and able to implement both managing evolutionary and revolutionary change such increasing alignment among strategy, structure, people and culture through incremental or evolutionary change punctuated by discontinuous or revolutionary that requires the simultaneous shift in strategy, structure, people and culture. We consecutively seek innovative ideas in its dynamic approach to a constantly changing market and substantial investment in technological initiatives to meet the intricacy needs of varied clients.

Kennis Lam